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DJ Site Use: Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions have been designed to help you, the DJ and / or artist, and we, the More Bass Community, to be the best Community of Artists, DJs and fans to ever come together for a singular cause: The appreciation and the passion for our art. With that said, this will be the new format as of January 1, 2016.
Submitting A Mix. Must be 48 hours in advance: More Bass will only guarantee playing the mix for a scheduled DJ, that they submit a minimum of 48 hours in advance. More Bass can say there is a strong possibility of playing a mix that is received 24 hours in advance, but due to a very demanding schedule and a rapid increase in growth and interest, 24 hours is simply insufficient to make that guarantee. Any mixes received the day of a scheduled event will NOT be aired unless More Bass deems it a special circumstance, which is entirely at our discretion.
Download Location: All mixes will either be received by the above stated time on either the station server or sent to Any mixes not received at one of these two locations in the allotted time will not be aired. If you do not submit your own mix and More Bass receives it from someone other than you, we will not be held responsible for the mix that is aired on your scheduled time.
Proper Format: DJs are responsible for submitting mixes in the proper format. This means an .mp3 format, no larger than 192kbps, as that is the maximum allowed bit rate by the radio, and anything larger takes up unnecessary storage space.
Mix Length and Tag:All mixes will be 60 minutes in length unless it is a special event or otherwise agreed upon by More Bass. Any mix longer than 60 minutes that has not been cleared by More Bass will be faded out so that everyone receives a full 60 minutes for each slot. DJs will be expected to properly tag each mix. This includes Artist Name, Show Title, Show Episode, and Genre. More Bass WILL help you if you do not know how to do this! Just ask us! However, if you do not seek help, and you submit a mix that is not properly tagged, More Bass will not be held accountable for the wrong information displaying when your mix is played.
Live Show Requests: Any DJ requesting to do a live show must have a confirmed set up a minimum of 72 hours prior to their scheduled show. A More Bass representative will assist you with proper software and credentials, but this ensures adequate time to do test runs and work out any bugs that may have been incurred. An unsatisfactory test that is less than 72 hours out means we will play a prerecorded mix for your upcoming slot while we work out any deficiencies in setting up a live feed. If your internet connection is poor, your sound quality is poor, or there are any other factors that include what we would consider sub par sound quality, you will not be allowed to perform a live show until the matter is corrected. More Bass takes great pride in making each DJ sound their best, and it is as much to the DJs loss as it is More Bass’ to have a poor performance due to technical difficulties.
Scheduling: The schedule will be done Monday evening for each week, up until the next Monday of that 7 day period. All shows must be agreed upon, and all names will be posted in the scheduling matrix by that Monday. Anyone that has not confirmed a show with a More Bass representative by Monday evening will not be placed on that week’s schedule. if you were promised a show, but have not heard from a More Bass Representative, it is your responsibility to at a minimum email to get in contact with us or we will not guarantee your show. More Bass is dealing with excessively high demand and will not respond to show requests that do not go through the proper channels, IE. email.
CREATING AN EVENT AND WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU: More Bass will no longer ask DJs to create personal events. We will allow and encourage DJs to create personal events IN ADDITION to events we create, but More Bass will create individual events for DJs again as a courtesy for being a Resident, as well as to be able to ensure events are consistently being created. We will also either provide logo art for DJs that want to create their own art (provided we approve it), or we will create event art for you.
All DJs that do not have an event created for an upcoming show, PLEASE inform us within 48 hours of your previous show to remind us to create a new one and we will! We are rebuilding the system to keep track of all events, but we need to your help to promote you! Please message us if your event has not been created, for current and all future events.
More Bass will NOT be responsible for any changes a DJ makes to their private events. The schedule will be set, and if a DJ makes a change to date or time, that falls under their responsibility. If you have any questions about the time zone, ask! More Bass schedules every event based on Eastern Time Zone, and that will not change.
Any changes to make room for any special event will be addressed and DJs will be notified a minimum of 48 hours prior to the completion of the following week’s schedule. More Bass reserves the right to make changes to the schedule as needed for special events, however More Bass will make every effort to not interfere will the same weekly shows on a regular basis. That said, the most likely days for special events are on weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). If More Bass experiences increased demand for special events, More Bass will rotate through these days as we see fit, and avoid repeatedly canceling any shows with regularly to remain fair to any affected DJs.
Public Chat: WHAT YOU DO IN PRIVATE CHAT IS YOUR BUSINESS. Providing it doesn’t involve threats, stalking and harassment, More Bass understands that this is an adult community.
Public chat, is a place for people to come, have fun, listen to music, and respect each as an artist. It is NOT a place to:
Talk repeatedly about explicit sex in way that would be considered offensive.
Use obscene language.
Use racist or offensive language
Display pornographic photos and videos.
Does this mean Public Chat is on lockdown? NO! It simply means be respectful! If you talk like a Sailor, do it in private! That’s all we ask.
Social Media:
More Bass Public – Post whatever you want, as long as it doesn’t demean More Bass!
More Bass Members – Do NOT post promotional posts! Only post important information about site updates, important news, changes to scheduling, information to help DJs with their careers, etc. NOT FOR PROMO USE!
This is where you can suggest special events or ideas for new day themes, and everyone can discuss it. Also NOT FOR PROMO USE.
Promoting You… and More Bass Together:
Come to the chat room for your events! People want to thank the DJs for their awesome work and enjoy it with them! This is where the site shines, and this is also where DJs get discovered!
Share and invite your events! The more everyone shares and invites, the faster your fan base will grow, and the faster the “More Bass Collective” will grow! If you don’t know what you’re doing and need help, ask!
More Bass Logos: are available to all DJs that would like to use them for promoting mixes, tracks, and other miscellaneous marketing items. All we ask is that you abide by our rules on how to use, and not use, our logos.
How to use the “MORE BASS” AND “B” logo:
When using the More Bass Logo’s, you agree to all terms, specifications and requirements (“Terms”) included herein, which are also located on our website under Terms and Conditions. Our terms may be amended from time to time, so always check back for any updates. Our Logos may not be altered or edited in any way and must be used within the limited parameters of this guide. If you have questions about our marks or using this guide, please contact via email at “More Bass” and “B” logos are trademarks of More Base, Inc. All rights reserved.

More Bass offers multiple versions of our logo, including our horizontal “More Bass” (Music Enhanced) and our “B”
Only use the “MORE BASS” as your first option, wherever possible. If you refer to the domain only ( then you can use just type.
Always use the MORE BASS Logo version wherever possible.
Only use the “B” when space is limited and you cant use the “More Bass” logo.
Minimum size for the “B” logo – 100px tall
Minimum size for the MORE BASS logo – 200px wide
When using the “B” include a margin of 25px. At larger sizes increase accordingly.
What is not allowed with our logo. Never alter the MORE BASS logo in any way. This includes:
Don’t remove the “MORE BASS” text attached to the logo
Don’t rotate the logo
Don’t change our color
Don’t adjust the proportions.
Don’t adjust the transparency of the logo.
Never apply any effects such as drop shadows, overlays, bevels and outlines

More Bass has a wide variety of other ways to help DJs go to market. Just email us at with questions. We’re here to help!

Final Thoughts: More Bass is growing rapidly for a reason. We are much more than cool music on a cool platform. We are community of supporters for all of our respective musical talents. We will give you all the tools you need to succeed, you just have to want to use them.

Thank you sincerely, for being a part of the More Bass Movement, and understand that everything you read here is intended to help us, help YOU.

Thank you for being a part of the solution.

Scott A. Weber

CEO, More Bass Inc.

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