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Why is More Bass the most anticipated new music platform? This is What They Say…
Mary Moy - USA
More Bass Manager

More Bass is amazing idea to unite DJ's and Fans from around the globe and he executed it with an amazing platform that is like no other. The diverse skills of the international DJ's are always on display and the fan base is growing rapidly! The interactive chat room made me feel like family immediately and I knew I had to be on the team so after listening for a while and getting to know the staff I asked Scott to bring me on board! I joined the More Bass staff 6 months ago, and it's really a team effort! Scott's an amazing person to work for as he is always making sure his staff, DJ's and Fans are getting exactly what they want out of More Bass which is good music and a great experience! Scott's really outdone himself by putting together an amazing management/DJ team, and we're growing everyday! Looking forward to the future of More Bass!

Emiliano Mendez - Spain

", is a radio station where you can listen to any variety of electronic music, searching the channel of the style of music you like and in addition to being able to chat live during the dj session. Morebass a great platform for the DJ, a pleasure to be part of this great family."

Shalini Randall (Confetti) - USA
More Bass Manager and DJ

"More Bass has kinda changed my life for the better, no lie. It's a great group of people and it always keeps me pushing to be better week to week. I can highly recommend applying. One of the best decisions I've ever made."

Sai Subramaniam (DJ Psy Inertia) - India

"More Bass takes a giant leap towards the DJ scene. Undoubtedly a boon to the DJs as a platform blossoming into a wonderful family with DJs from around the world of extraordinary talent of different genres and styles More Bass is on an endless journey - -I'm glad to be a part of it. Just not a radio >> It's an experience."

Mauricio Kalil - Brazil

"More Bass is the place to be. If you want, great Djs, great music and a lot of fantastic people, you must be here!"

DJ Se7en - Netherlands
More Bass Manager and DJ

"More Bass is fantastic, your whole format is great! Keep up the great professional work you all do. We needed this!"

Shavonna - USA
More Bass Fan

"More Bass! Wow! Some of the most talented DJs I've ever listened to. How cool is it that you can interact with the DJs, fans, Social Media, and the rest of the world as people come together for the love of Music in one place! I love More Bass because of the connection you feel listening to the Music and being able to interact with the DJ who created it... and the interaction with the other DJs and fans is awesome!"

GLF - Italy
DJ and More Bass Manager

"More Bass It is not just a Radio but a world of music and a way to meet new people and share their skills."

Sheree O'Brien - UK
More Bass Manager and DJ

"More Bass is an amazing platform that enables DJ's, producers and fans to connect and form friendships based on their shared love of music. It isn't just a radio station, It is like an extended family as everyone supports one another and that is why I am proud to be a part of More Bass."

josh suarez
Josh Suarez - Mexico
DJ and Producer

"MoreBass for me is a big family where we can all support and so am dj on the show OnTheMix here, but since I came to MoreBass, I felt that brotherhood that characterizes this family. MoreBass besides being something big and cool, also is space for many DJs of different genres, personally all have talent, only needed the support of someone. Thank you to all who make MoreBass, and not only for the DJs but also to the audience, at the end of the day they are what make this really, really thank those people who take time out of your day to listen. Thank you very much to all!"

Yargia - Mexico
DJ and Producer


Ian Faze - UK
DJ and Producer

"I think morebass is a great music station with lots of musical genres & great djs from around the world,but also a great community where people come together to enjoy music & make friends."

DJ A-Style - Netherlands
DJ and More Bass Manager

"Morebass is an awesome platform and a way to express myself with my music. It also gives other talented DJ's the opportunity to show their skills Really happy that im part of this family. "

DJ Mas - Netherlands

"More Bass is a great platform and provides a big step to grow in the DJ Business. Come to More Bass and join the Family."

DJ Goma - Brazil

"It has been a positive experience for me to be part of a music community that has grown the most recently in the world. The other More Bass DJs made me more complete as a DJ, and I realized that music is a universal language.. I look forward to seeing everyone soon at"

Mister T - USA
DJ, Entertainer, Owner of Beyond the Music Productions

"What makes More Bass great are the DJs. Period. End of Sentence. Technology is fantastic. Second part of that is the leadership of More Bass. Scott is going to take this More Bass radio station very far."

DJ Angel B. - USA
DJ, Producer, Hands on Wax Label Owner

"More Bass an incredible site, top notch, and I'm really glad to be part of the More Bass Family."

Alex Trent aka Pretty Boy Acid - Canada
DJ, Producer, Entertainer

"More Bass is a global community where artists can connect with fans, fans can connect with artists, and share their love of music. I can invite the audience into my studio and get immediate reactions from my audience to find more of what they want. I can really connect with them."

Maria Martins - UK
Music Lover

"As a music lover, there is More Bass, my #1 station for music variety. A radio station where I can listen to amazing DJs from around the world, and best of all, I can interact with them on live chat, or simply watch them on live shows. With all respect and appreciation, thank you More Bass Family!"

Dunny Freeze - Germany

"More Bass is not just a hobby, it's my passion, and the DJs are not just my friends, they are like a big family."

Anthony Osnaya - USA
More Bass Manager and DJ

"More Bass has been a very supportive community of wonderful DJs, Artists and Fans from all over the world."

Ariel Lander - Argentina
Internationally Acclaimed DJ

"More Bass is more than just an online radio. It's a place where I can share my music and my experiences with people from all around the world."

Berkin Tetik - Turkey
Miller Soundclash Finalist and More Bass Manager

"More is a wonderful is a wonderful community of artists, DJs and fans all on one fantastic platform"

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